Finnegan is a purebred male Soft
Coated Wheaten Terrier.  
His DOB is 12/06/05

Finnegan is a owner turn-in.

Finnegan was diagnosed as having
allergies but the shots which we gave
him really did not help at all.  We went
back and it they said it was yeast and
prescribed a shampoo and some
medication for the scratching which did
seem to help for awhile.  Unfortunately
we simply do not have the funds to get
him the treatment and care that he
needs on a regular basis.  For years he
was a fine healthy dog and he seemed to
develop issues just as my husband and I
were going through a financial crisis of
our own.  At his point he is not any
special diet of medication.

He is good w/dogs & cats & kids,

As you can see in the pictures,
Finnegan's skin issues have been
allowed to get out of control. We will get
him on antibiotics and good food and
are confidant the issue can be managed
with proper care. Finnegan is very much
in need of a loving family to help him
become a beautiful Wheaten again. You
can see what a transformation some
good care can give one of these
neglected dogs by clicking

UPDATE - 8/9/12

Since Finnegan received his cortisone
shot  on Monday, he has stopped
scratching constantly and seems
steadier on his feet.  His appetite is very
good and I am feeding him twice a day. I
have added grain free dry food to his
beef and rice.  His stools are large and
normal, so I think the food is agreeing
with him. Since he started receiving the
eye medication, his eyes are clearing.
He is very sweet and seems less timid,
probably because he feels better and
safe.  I walk him separately from my dog
and Snickers, and am learning how to
sneak him out the back gate so the
others don't complain. Juggling three
dogs has been challenging, but we have
a routine that is working.  They all get
along, and follow me everywhere.

Update - 11/26/12

Finnegan has been brought to Kansas
City so we can get his skin condition
stabilized so he can be adopted.
Everyone who met Finnegan on his trip
from Florida to Missouri fell in love with
the special boy and commented on what
a sweet boy he his. Finny has been to
see the vet and is now on a antibiotic, a
yeast medication and thyroid medication.
He is still painfully skinny but we are
hoping the thyroid meds will help with
that. We believe we already see some
new fur coming in so that is a positive
sign. Stay turned for more updats and

Finnegan is neutered and up to date on
Sherry Carter
Chassie Bell
Ann Zavarelli
Chassie Bell
Elizabeth A Cook
Victoria Bell
Roberta O'Grady
Debbie Murray
Dorothy Hurley
Elizabeth A Cook
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In Memory of Cody
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In Memory of
James Murray
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Nancy Koval
Kelly Cusick
Comparison Photos - originals taken in Aug 2012 - new Feb 2013
Laurel Moore
Nancy Roman

Finnegan has been adopted
by the Carter Family
of South Carolina