After Groom - Feb 20, 2006

Finn is a 3-4 year old purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Finn has had a very hard time of it.
He was either severely neglected by
his previous owner or he had been
a stray for quite awhile as he is very
underweight at 27 lbs and was
matted so badly that his ears were
actually attached to the side of his
head with matts.

Unfortunately, these are the least of
Finn's problems. Finn was hit by a
car at some time while he was loose
and suffered severe pelvic
fractures. His left hip has a simple
fracture that will heal on its own with
quiet and rest. His right hip is a
mess. The joint is broken into two
pieces and there are lots of bone
fragments. This side will not heal on
its own and he will require surgery.
There are several different options
being discussed and a specialist will
see him next week for a second
opinion. We would like to give him
the best chance for recovery and
full use of that leg and if that
surgery is done, which will involve
plating the hip, the initial estimates
are $2500 - $5000. We will know
more on the surgery needed and
the price next week. We will only be
able to get him this surgery with the
help of many Wheaten Angels, if you
would like to help with his
expenses, please click on the link
on the upper right to donate by

Finn is being kept comfortable at
the vet's kennel for the weekend.
The vet offered to personally shave
him down and bathe him to help
eliminate some of his discomfort.
She did not believe he was in a lot
of pain at this point.

Major Kudos have to go out to our
CO rep, Diane, for all her hard work
in getting Finn to this point. We
found out about Finn fully a week
ago and it took a lot of work and
determination on her part, and
umpteen phone calls and emails
before Finn was finally released. He
had no chance of being adopted at
the shelter and was scheduled to be
euthanized today if the owner did
not show up looking for him. This
guy would not be alive right now if
hot for all her hard work!

We are going to be in need of a
foster home for Finn as soon as he
has had surgery. Most likely he will
need to be kept crated and quiet for
several weeks, with only short leash
walks for eliminating. This can be a
foster to forever home as well.

Diane says he is very sweet. The
entire time people were poking and
prodding at his injuries, cutting mats
from him, etc., his only response
was tail wagging and kisses.

He is now UTD on shots and will be
neutered. He is located in Colorado
Springs, CO

February 20, 2006 Update

As you can see by the new pics, Finn
has now been groomed and is
feeling much better. We are still
getting advice from specialists on
the best way to go to fix his injuries.
Unfortunately he has now come
down with kennel cough so it will be
several days before we can go
ahead with surgery. He is being
boarded at the vet so that his
condition can be closely monitored.
He is so underweight it is essential
that he continue to eat even though
he is ill so he will be strong for his

A HUGE THANK YOU to the many
people who have become Angels to
help Finn, you are insuring that he
will get the best possible veterinary
care possible.

More updates to follow when we
have more info.

Feb. 23, 2006 Update

We were not happy with the vet and
options that were given for Finn so
he is now being transferred to his
foster home in Longmont, CO and
will be seen by a specialist there to
get another opinion. Hopefully we
will have news and a date for his
surgery in the next couple of days.
We have found out he never had
kennel cough and will be ready for
surgery as soon as we have a plan.

Again, THANK YOU to the many
Angels for Finn!

March 23 - 2nd Update

Finn has now moved to Longmont to
his new foster home with Dave. As
you can see he seems to approve of
this plan! He has an appt. at a
premier animal hospital on Monday -
we will upate again after that

March 5 Update

From his foster dad, Dave:
Finn is just a great dog. He has
really settled in and found himself a
loving home. He is becoming more
vocal and we let him out of his pen
in the evening. He lays in front of
the couch and just wants to be
loved by Judi or myself. He is just
such a sweet dog. He has been
eating really well so hopefully we
can put a few pounds back on over
the next few weeks.

Finn's surgery is scheduled on
March 14. He will be hospitalized for
2-3 days after the surgery.

March 14 Update

From Finn's foster dad:

I just received a call from the
orthopedic surgeon who operated
on Finn this afternooon. Before the
operation they took additional
x-rays. The new x-rays indicated that
his left hip and pelvis were healing
well, so they only did the surgery on
the severely broken right hip. He
will have to undergo some therapy
and a lot of exercise in order to
strengthen the muscles in his right
leg but the prognosis is very good.
They are going to monitor him
tonight and tomorrow. The surgeon
said that she would call me
tomorrow and let me know how he is
doing. We may be able to pick him
up tomorrow afternoon if everything
goes well. They weighed him when I
gook him in this morning and he has
gained 1.5 pounds in two weeks
which is great news. Just some side
notes, I introduced him to the comb
and brush over the weekend. He
acted like he had never been
groomed before. Additionally, he
has just started playing with the
stuffed animals and nylabones after
2.5 weeks with us. It is my opinion
that this little guy was not treated
very well by him original owners.
Finn is a very sweet and loving dog
and he has basically taken over
house. He has quickly become a
much loved part of our family and he
gets along well with our other dogs.
I will keep all of you advised as to
Finn's progress.

March 15 Update

From his foster dad:

The orthopedic surgeon called this
morning and said I could pick up
Finn today. He is currently home
with us. He is laying in the family
room with his Elizabethan collar on.
He seems to be in a little pain but he
will get another pain pill tonight. He
will be on pain meds and antibiotics
for the next five days. He will also
be on a post-surgical routine for the
next several weeks. I will start some
of the passive range of motion
exercises tomorrow. He sees the
physical therapist on 3/24 and has
his stitches out on 3/31. He will also
have follow-up visits on 4/12 and
4/26. I imagine that he will be stiff
and sore for several days but we
need to get him to use the leg as
soon as possible. He is putting a
little weight on it now but you can
tell it is bothering him which is
understandable since he just had
surgery 24 hours ago. I will continue
to keep you informed as to his

Thanks again to all the wonderful
people who donated to Finn's care
and to Dave and Judi who are taking
such wonderful care of him!

March 17 Update

Thanks to Finn's great foster dad,
Dave for the new pics. As you can
see, Finn is being pampered and
living the great life now.

March 24 Update

From Finn's foster dad:

Just got back from Harrison
Memorial Animal Hospital and a visit
with the physical therapist. Dr.
Pease, the physical therapist, said
the Finn is doing great. He is using
the injured leg but needs to have
some improvement in his range of
motion so she gave me some
additional exercises and massage
therapy to do with him. His incision
was completely healed so they also
took out his stitches today. He has
no restrictions on activity except if
he acts like he is getting sore from
too much exercise. She wants me to
continue him on tight leash walks
until he gets up to 30 minutes
duration. That will be our goal for
the next three weeks. He has
basically taken over th house and
our hearts and plays well with our
dogs. He will have a 4 week checkup
on April 12 and a 6 week checkup, if
necessary, on April 26.

March 30 Update

From Finn's Foster Dad:

He is doing really well. We are up to
12 minutes on our walks. The goal
(set by the physical therapist) is 30
minutes in order to increase his
endurance and strengthen the leg
muscles in his right leg.

March 6 Update

From Finn's Foster Family:

Finn reached his miletone of
walking 30 minutes yesterday. All of
the dogs celebrated with a Frosty
Paws Dog Ice Cream treat last night.
We will continue walking for 30
minutes at a time for the next few
days and then gradually increase it.
He is putting a little more weight on
and is getting very strong. Will have
more news next week after he sees
the vet on Wednesday.

Anita Perkins
Linda Allan, Bug-a-boo,
Bosco and Missy
Lots of Love Colleen,
Mackooshla & Raymond
Gloria, Bristol, Guiness
and Kansas
Diane Mulhern
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Grady & Freeway
Wendy Harter
A family in Ross,
California is rooting for
Katherine Zmijewski
Get well soon!
Dawn, Noura, Adam &
Harry Mouradi
I send prayers and hugs to
Finn. Margo Hansen
Stephanie, Gareth &
Francis Markwell
Gaylen, Douglas &
Emma Sowa
Arin Berkson
In Memory of Winston
Tina Pipinos
In Loving Memory of
Lorraine White & Felix
Lisa Saneda
Finn, your buddy Harley
is pulling for you and
wishes you the best.
Norman Silvers
Nancy, Rob and Alpine
Kathleen Taylor
Hugs N Kisses to Finn!
Love Nina & Elise Likins
Tonya Hopkins and
Fletcher Girl
We pray your body and
heart heals quickly. You
are a beautiful boy and
we love you. Linda, Calee
& Gracie
VGay Wilson
Get well soon!
Miriam Popp
Kris and Steve Todd
Get Well Finn, from
Bandit and Baily in NC
Lauren Stone
The Armandi's
Cape Cod, MA
Lisa Mandelino
Rachel Glickman
Dorothy & John Hurley
In Memory of
Courtney Danielle Wilson
July 11, 1990 - Feb 10,
Maureen Smith and
We love you Finn!
Jessica DiEleuterio,
Bernie and Oscar!
Benny and Barney
For Finn on behalf of my
beloved Wheatie Irish Cody
Get Well soon, Finn!
In Memory of Bailey, our
Sweetie Wheatie!
Patrice Horton
Joshua Marinov
Best wishes for a speedy &
full recovery!
Kerri, Josh & Mia in
The Bush Family
Wishing Sweet finn a
speedy recovery
Kramer & the Davis
Sweetie we are thinking
about you and hoping you
are feeling better real
Sherry, Jack and Oliver
Here's hope that you will
no know you're loved
Michelle Wisniewski
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In Memory of
Bowser Van Pay
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RIP 1/20/06
For Finn from the
Duggan Family
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Ali and Puff and from
Wheaten Wickett
Get Well Finn!
Ann, Dan, Phoebe & Desi
Get Well Soon Finn!
Jen Walsh
Carol Walck
For Finn, with much love
from Ken, Charlene and
Phoebe Sham. We're
rooting for you little
Finn with his forever dad - Moving to
Longmont, CO March 23, 2006
Dave Foote
Judy Beck
Here is to a great new and
long life, Finn.
Max Nirenberg (15 yrs
old) and his humans,
Julie and Saul
Ashley Rounds
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Natalia Piatnitskaia
Stephanie Belcher
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To Finn with love, from
Kelly & the Spadola
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Hope Finn Gets Well Soon
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Bless your heart!
Carrie and Max
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Eugene Martinez
Katie Clifton
CG Tuchek &
CA Romans Jr
From another who has
benefitted from Arin
Berkson's thoughtfulness
and generosity - mend
quickly and well, Finn!
In Memory of
3/17/04 - 3/4/06
You will always be in my
heart. Get well soon Finn!
Love, Michele
In Memory of
Maryann Gabriel and
Joshua Soloman
Jennifer Wood
Get well Soon Buddy,
your fellow Wheaten,
New pics, right before and after his surgery
on March 14
Diane and Bill Vigeant
Boogie, Scooch & Shadow
Polly Knapp
New pics, late March 2006
I hope the rest of Sweet
Finn's life is charmed. He
is in m y thoughts and my
Greta Davidson
Keep trying Finn! You
will be doing the
"Wheaten Wiggle" very
soon! Love Sarah, Eliza
and Sibley (4.5 year old

From Finn's Foster - soon to be
forever - Dad:

Finn and I just returned from his 4
week check-up at Harrison
Memorial Animal Hospital. The vets
are really pleased with his
progress. His is walking and using
the injured leg very well, his range
of motion is good and he has
gained 2.5 lbs. since his surgery.
They are also pleased with the
improvement in his muscle mass in
the injured leg. They want to see
him again on April 26 for his 6 week
check-up. They said if he continues
to progress, they will not have to
see him again after that visit.

April 2006 -  A FOREVER

Finn has been adopted by
the Foote Family of Colorado