Finlay is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 2/2811

Finlay is a owner surrender. Reason
given was that Finlay has never been
around young children and they make
her very nervous.  The owners will be
around young children all summer and
are concerned Finlay might bite one of
them.  She has never bitten anyone, but
they would rather not put her in a
situation that would not be good for her.

Finlay gets very nervous around
strangers.  The family does not have a
lot of traffic in their home and when they
do Finlay has begun barking and
growling at new people coming into the
home.  Finlay needs some positive
reinforcement training, she is not a dog
that can be pushed and needs to be
made to want to do something rather
than "made" to do something.  The
family feels that maybe in a new setting
she will adapt better.  She is great at the
boarding facility she goes to and they
have no problems at all with her.  It
seems to the previous owners she is
better with strangers outside the home
when they are not around.

From the owners:

"She loves to play tug of war and chew
on bones, she loves the dog park and
has never had any issues with any dogs
there.  She loves to play Frisbee and
chase the ball.  She enjoys sleeping on
our bed and she gives a fantastic
wheaten greetin/.  She loves swimming
and running in the lake, it is one of her
favorite things to do.  She does really
well on a routine.  She does not like
going to the vet and needs to be
muzzled when she is there. She is a
sweet and loving dog most of the time,
but has some anxiety issues that need
to be worked on.  She needs an owner
that can invest the time in helping her
through her anxiety so she can live a
happier life."

We will not place this dog in a
home with children under 12

Finlay is spayed and up to date on shots.
MAY 2014 -  

Finlay has been adopted by