Fergus is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 7/18/09

Fergus is a owner turn-in. Some info
from them:

I have to return to work in August which
I was not planning on when we
purchased the dog in September. He
needs training and unfortunately we
have not been able to afford the training
as the economy is not turning.

Our little boy is also hyper and this has
not been a fit as it feeds into his natural
tendency to be hyper anyway. The kids
roll on the floor with him and he has
never bitten them.

He has had the opportunity to play with
other dogs in the neighborhood and at a
boarding facility and has never bitten
the other dogs.  I really feel this dog
would be a great fit for a family.  I am just
not sure we are doing the job.

We will not consider homes with
children under 12 for this dog.

Fergus is neutered and up to date on

Fergus has been adopted by the
Plunkett Family of Rhode Island