Falco is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His estimated DOB is

Falco has a very upsetting story. He was
"thrown out with the trash" - LITERALLY!  
He was found in a dumpster behind a
elementary school where he had spent
the night during severe storms.

Luckily he was seen in the dumpster and
was rescued before the trash trucks
came. I am sure you all have seen the
trucks that pick up dumpster trash, they
just scope it up on a hydraulic lift and
dump it into the truck and then it is
compacted- Falco would have been

His rescuers contacted us and asked
that we take him into Rescue. When he
got here we immediately took him to the
Animal ER to be scanned for a microchip
and check out his back leg that he was
favoring. After an exam the vet
recommended x-rays.

This was the first time I was ever glad
NOT to find a microchip after seeing what
the x-rays revealed which was troubling
at best.

The worst news is that he has a broken
hip as you can see in the first pic. The
vet feels it was broken awhile ago Falco
has been living in pain. He also has both
a BB and a large pellet or bullet in him -
you can see them circled in both pics.

Falco will go to out regular vet first thing
next week to have surgery on the hip.
We will let the vets decide if the
bullet/pellets need to be removed.

5/4 Update

Falco is scheduled for surgery on
Wednesday 5/6.

5/6 Update

The vets did more exams as well as new
x-rays today and despite what it looks
like on the x-ray the hip is not actually
broken - he has hip dysplasia but not a
broken bone. For now we are going to
treat with medication and
FlexGel and
see how that works.

Thank you to everyone for your
donations, we will transfer any funds not
used for Falco to Joker's surgery fund
but the Angels will stay here on this page.

Falco is neutered and up to date on


Falco has been adopted by the
Madonia/Neville Family of Illinois

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