Emmett is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 3/7/02

Emmett is a owner turn-in. Below is
some info from them:

Affectionate and well-mannered, playful
and spirited, relaxed and quiet

This just scratches the surface in terms
of trying to accurately describe Emmett's
personality. As with most wheaten
terriers, he is energetic and curious but
at 8 years he is mellowing a bit.

He is keen to jump over obstacles on
command in our nearby park and
playfully chase a squirrel until it
disappears up a tree, but he is now
more likely to judge risk/reward before
making the leap.

He likes to sit nearby or by the front
door, instinctively triangulating the lines
of sight in the house. He is a guardian
but at the same time a pushover.

Most of all, he needs more consistency
in day to day interaction and care than
we are capable of giving him and he
deserves it.

Emmett is a great dog with a ton of
personality and love to give to the
right owner.

Emmett is neutered and up to date on


Emmett has been adopted by
the Rogers Family of New

Alicia Murray