Emma is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 1/4/07

Emma was a owner turn-in. Some
information from the former owner:

She is a very sweet girl; offers the
wheaten greetin and fortunately does
have the Houdini gene. She will run out
the door when I open it and immediately
run back in. She loves going on walks or
riding in the car, and gives kisses to
absolutely everyone. I also have a
female aussie mix and they are great
friends. Emma is definitely not the aIpha
girl.  She has not spent much time
around many other dogs as my aussie is
a fearful dog who fights with others. But
Emma loves to play and would do great
in a household with another dog and/or
with kids. She just likes tons of attention.

Now, unfortunately I have to find her a
new home…long story but my dad
passed away a year ago (so my mom is
alone) and just found out my brother has
cancer. We have to help my brother so
my mom and I bought a bigger home
where we can all live. I am devastated
but need to do the right thing for
everyone. Please help me find her a
good home. She’s such a great dog.

Emma is spayed and up to date on shots.

Emma has been adopted by the
Bolton Family of Massachusetts