Duffy is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 5/15/06

Duffy is a owner turn-in.  Below is some
info from them:

My mother passed away suddenly last
month, and "Duffy" was her dog.  He is
crate trained and housebroken.
He gets along with my mother's cat, they
just ignore each other.  My niece's are 4
and 6 yrs old and he has been around
them since he was a puppy.  As far as I
know he has not ever been aggressive
towards other dogs. He also has no food
aggression. He is a sweet boy.  

My mother loved him so much, i wish
that i could keep him for that reason

Update from foster mom:

Duffy has been doing quite well.  He is a
very fun loving and sweet dog.  He loves
to play, and be petted.   He looks so cute
now that he has had a hair cut, and I am
sure he is much more comfortable now
as well.   He had to be shaved due to his
severe matting, but he will grow back
quick.   He gets along great with anyone
he meets and loves other dogs.  Duffy is
working on a bit of manners and would
benefit from a basic training class, but
other than that he is just the nicest dog.  
He is a pleasure to have in our home!

Duffy is neutered and up to date on


Duffy has been adopted by the
Hudson Family of Kentucky