Dublin is a male Wheatable.
His est DOB is 3.11

He is good with dogs and kids, but was
turned in to a dog pound because of his
fear of men.  They were told that
whenever Dublin's "dad" was around,
Dublin would cower and pee in fear.  His
former owners also had 3 kids that
Dublin was great around, and Dublin
was also great around the wife.  They
made the shelter take Dublin
immediately as they wanted
to go out and get another puppy.

Dublin has shown absolutely no fear of
men since coming into foster.
Apparently his fear was of this man in
particular which can only make you
wonder what was done to cause it.
Regardless, Dublin is now safe and
doing well.

From his foster mom:

Dublin is energetic and fun loving. He
loves all people and gets along with the
other dogs. He loves to run in the yard
and wants you to go out and play with
him. He loves belly rubs and any
attention you can give him. He goes in
his crate happily and then is happy again
to see you in the morning. He does need
work on the leash as he is a puller and is
very strong. But other than that,
he is a great dog!

Dublin is neutered and up to date on
JUNE 2013 -

Dublin has been adopted by the
Larkin Family of Massachusetts