Dillon is a male Wheatable.   
His Est DOB is 5/12

Dillon was found as a stray  and ended
up in a kill shelter. He was adopted and
then returned because they thought he
was hard of hearing.

We have found him to be able to hear
just fine, he is just a puppy with normal
selective hearing, meaning, he hears
what he wants to hear.

Dillon is super friendly and loving.  He
loves to run and play.  He WILL chase
livestock but seems to be good with
other dogs. He is a very friendly, happy
young wheatable that loves people and
has a very eager to please attitude.

He is also a pretty boy with a beautiful
tail and a great purple tongue. And no,
despite all the old wives tail, having a
over pigmented tongue does not
automatically mean a dog has chow in it.

Dillon is neutered and up to date on
JUNE 2013 -

Clancy has been adopted by
John Richardson of Texas