Dharma is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
Her est DOB is 8/08

Dharma  was found by a good Samaritan
who came across her chasing a small
red car that was speeding away from her
on a 2 lane highway. They believed that
she had just been dumped and was
trying to chase after her owners. They
stopped and picked her up to keep her
from being hit and killed on the road and
contacted us to take her into Rescue
and find her a home.

A scan revealed that she did have a
microchip and the person whose name
and address are on the chip was
contacted. They claimed to have no dog
and to have no idea who Dharma was,
not their dog according to them.

Very strange!

So, now Dharma is safely in Rescue and
looking for a wonderful new forever
home. Dharma is sweet and very people
orientated. While she gets along with
the other dogs, she is not interested in
playing with them, she is all about her
people, especially women and loves to
cuddle and be petted.

We have discovered one issue with
Dharma and that is that she does not like
being groomed, especially around her
head and got snippy about having it
done. We did use a muzzle while
grooming her so potential groomers will
need to know this as well as vets who
might mess with her ears.

Because of this issue, we will not
consider any homes with children
under 16 for this dog.

Dharma is spayed and up to date on
shots and has had her teeth cleaned.
She had a sebaceous cyst on her
shoulder that was removed.
SEPTEMBER 2014 -  

Dharma has been adopted by