Dexter is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His estimated DOB is

Dexter was turned into the shelter
because he has a luxating patella, which
simply means that his kneecap pops out
of place and he has a limp.

We are going to have his leg looked at
and see if surgery is necessary.

Dexter has been a bit shy since coming
out of the shelter but we are confidant
he will be fine after the trauma of that
has passed. His foster home has
reported he sits and takes treats and
gets along fine with the other dogs in
the home. He will need a home with NO

He is a good sized boy and a little on the
chunky side to boot - he weighs around
45 lbs.


We have had Dexter seen by a vet and
unfortunately found out he actually has
luxating patella's on both his rear legs
which will require surgery. You can read
more about this condition
have been quoted $1800 - $2200 to have
them both fixed.

Below is an update from his foster mom:

He does limp pretty bad on the right side
the most, but also on the left side.  He
has a real hard time getting up
sometimes and after he plays hard, you
can tell - he limps a lot more.  He never
cries or whines or anything about it.  
Even when the vet popped it back in and
it kept coming out he didn't complain.  
He really is a great dog and i will be sad
to see him go.  We would be happy to get
his surgery here and nurse him back to


Dexter is scheduled for surgery this
Friday, August 28th. We will update
everyone after the surgery is completed.

August 28th Update

Dexter came through his surgery great!  
The vet said both knees really needed it
but that his bones and tendons are really
strong - so it should be a good repair.  
He will be rechecked in 1 week and gets
his stitches out in 2 weeks.  Per the vet,
he should be up and walking around
gingerly in 3-7 days.  Attached are a few
pictures - he is really groggy from the
medications. He is such a great dog - he
still has never made a noise of complaint
or that he is in pain.

Sept. 1st Update

Dexter started walking on his own
Saturday morning at 3:30am.  We can't
hardly keep him down.  He gets thru the
doggie door, goes up and down stairs,
jumps onto the couch, and eats as if we
starved him to death last Friday when he
had surgery and couldn't eat!  If i didn't
see his shaved legs and the stitches, I
would not believe he just had surgery on
both knees.  He gets up now - no
problem, no limping.  And still never a
whine or whimper.  He is going to make
someone a fantastic dog!

Sept. 7 Update

Dexter was rechecked last thursday by
the vet that did his surgery - all was
better than expected.

We went out of town this weekend and
our dogsitter stayed with all our dogs.  
However, when we returned home,
Dexter's rear knee appears to have fluid
on it.  He is limping.

Sept. 8 Update

Just got done with Dexter at the vet.  
They drained the fluid and put him back
on antibiotics - 3 different meds total.  
The fluid was clear serum with a few red
cells - they called it a seratonin (or
something like that).  Said to keep him
down so he is spending the day with my
husband at his work - hopefully this will
not allow too much play time!  The
charge was $60.  He has an appointment
thursday to get the stitches out at

Sept. 10 Update

Dexter went in to get his stitches
removed.  The vet did not remove the
stitches as the leg that was drained on
Tuesday is full again.  The vet opened
the incision a little and fluid gushed out.  
The vet feels that he has torn his
internal stitches on the right leg - the
swelling/infection is the cause per the
vet.  Dexter is spending the night at the
vet  and will get oral antibiotics tonight
and in the morning, the vet will operate
again tomorrow - NO CHARGE- except for
the medications if any additional are

Oct. 1 Update

Dexter went to the vet today.  The
stitches in the left leg were removed -
FANTASTIC REPAIR. His right leg (which
previously had fluid prior to the 2nd
surgery) still can pop in and out of
socket -- nothing like before the
surgeries, but it still can be displaced.

The vet wants to operate again tomorrow
morning to chisel the socket and
possibly drill a hole in the bone to suture
the tendon flaps into place.  Per the vet,
Dexter is so big and muscular that even
keeping him down and his activity level
low did not help fully repair the knee.

Oct. 2 Update

Chris just picked dexter up.  He is home
in his kennel- very groggy but ok.  Per
the vet,  repair went well - so we will
pray for this one to be the last.

Oct. 12 Update

Dexter saw the vet last thursday for his
right leg.  He said all looked good.   He
still isn't 100% about Dexter's left leg but
wants to keep a close eye on it too.  
Dexter has been in his kennel all week -
not loving life, but we are trying to give
this bone ample healing time since the
vet had to chisel on it to reconstruct
how the bones fit together.  Dexter is
scheduled again next Thursday for
follow-up. He has a great spirit and can't
wait to get released to go outside (even
if it is just to use the bathroom) and on a

Oct. 23 Update

Good news - Dexter had his stitches
removed this morning.  The vet says the
left leg (2 surgeries) is getting stronger
each time he sees him - no more
surgeries required; the right leg (3
surgeries) is looking great also.  We will
keep him kenneled during the day and
recheck him in 2 weeks and he will
probably be released at that point!  So all
is well here in flagstaff and Dexter is
doing fantastic.  Once he gets released,
we will get him groomed so that he is not
so uneven for his new family.  

Nov. 6 Update

Dexter went for his checkup today.  Per
the vet, his left leg is healing really well.  
The right side (3 surgeries) is getting
better, but he wants to see him again in
2 weeks and probably won't release him
for 4 weeks.  The vet wants to keep him
restricted longer to let the bone fully
heal since he chiseled it and
restructured it.   This will allow the scar
tissue to firm up and get stronger too.  
The vet says it will just take 1 small move
and he could tear it really easily.

He is doing well and went for a haircut
last Saturday to try to even his coat out.  
He doesn't even look like the same dog.

December 4th update.

Dexter had to have another surgery
today as one of his legs was still
luxating. The bone was chiseled down a
bit more and another procedure that
changes the angle of the joint to help
the knee stay in its place. We will update
with more information as it comes

Dexter is neutered and up to date on
shots.  He is located in Flagstaff, AZ
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JANUARY 2010 -

Dexter has been adopted by
Mann Family of Texas