Daisy is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 10/17/04

Daisy is a owner turn-in. Below is some
info from them:

This email is very difficult for me to
write, but I have two female wheaten
terriers who are not getting along.  This
has been an on-going problem for the
past month, and it has been very
stressful for both the dogs and my
husband and I.  We have tried every
possible solution, from crate training,
going to the vet, and we even had a dog
consultant come to our home to help us
with the situation.  Yet, none have

My breaking point was yesterday when I
was home alone and the dogs got loose
and immediately attacked each other. I
was unable to intervene and I could only
watch as my two girls fought.  I was
finally able to separate them when they
were both too tired to fight with each
other.  During the fight I had called 911
because I did not know what to do.  The
local police immediately came to my
home to help calm me down and to make
sure I did not need further assistance.

With the help of family and friends, we
were able to take the dogs to the vet
and have them cleaned up and put on
antibiotics for their wounds.  We then
immediately took one dog to our local
kennel where she currently is now.  The
other dog is home with us.

I feel that my husband and I are unable
to give them the proper care and
training that they need.  The dogs are
not aggressive towards people, only
each other.  However, I am 21 weeks
pregnant and I cannot take the chance
of bringing a newborn child into this

I do not want to take them to a shelter,
and I am looking at your organization as
my final option.  I am willing to give up
both of them knowing that they will be
placed in a home that can provide for
them.  In addition, I do not know how
much longer I can keep one of them in a
kennel, and would need immediate
foster assistance.

Daisy is spayed, microchipped and up to
date on shots.
Shannon Araujo
Patricia Sloan
MARCH 2010 -

Daisy has been adopted by the
Hilliard Family of Delaware