Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Colby is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.
His DOB is 7/09

Colby is a owner turn-in. Colby's family
say he has begun showing signs of
aggression that they are not equipped
to handle.  Colby is very protective of
whichever member of his family is in the
"lower" position.  If another member
comes into the room while the owner is
on the floor, he will snap and lunge at
the person who is in the higher
position.  Their home is a multilevel
home and they feel he might do better in
a single level home.  They have been
working with him with a trainer, but feel
he needs more consistent training than
they are able to give.  The former owner
is also thinking he may do better in a
home as an only dog and a large yard to
burn off some energy in.

Some info
from the owner:

Colby is a big goofy friendly guy -- he
loves people and other dogs.  He is also
gorgeous and people stop us all the
time to ask about him.  He loves walks,
dog parks, car rides, and playing.  He
can adorably greet you by rolling on his
back to get a tummy rub.  He walks very
well on a harness, is house trained, and
is very well behaved around human food
(does not beg).

Colby loves people so much that
sometimes he gets protective of them in
the house.  He has some protective
behaviors when more than one person
is indoors.  When one person is in a
"lower" position (e.g., sitting or lying in
bed) and the other person approaches,
he can become very concerned and
snarl/ lunge for a few seconds before he
snaps out of it.  

He is very trainable/ food responsive --
for example has a great sit/stay/down
with treats.  Unfortunately with both of
our busy jobs we don't have the time
that he needs to be fully trained out of
his behaviors.  We have worked with a
trainer who believes he can definitely
improve with sustained attention on

Colby would do best in a home with a
single person without any other
pets/children (given his protective
behaviors) who has time to train him to
the best dog he can be.  He would
probably do better in a more "open floor
plan" house.  He really is a friendly bear
who has clearly had some bad
experiences in his past that cause his
behaviors, and needs some help moving
beyond them.

Colby is neutered and up to date on
JUNE 2015 -  

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