Clancy is a male Wheatable.
His est DOB is 3.11

Clancy was found as a stray with a collar
on with rope tied to it but no one came
looking for him. We were able to pull him
from the shelter before he was
euthanized and he is now looking for a
forever home.

Some info from his foster family:

Clancy is absolutely adorable with his
fuzzy body, black tipped tail, ears, and
eye brows.  Living with him is like living
with a Muppet!  He is always excited to
see you and wants to be as close to you
as possible at all times.  He can be
curious and a little mischievous but he
has never destroyed anything since
staying with me.  But, I recommend
keeping an eye on his curiosity.  Before
you know it you may have a bathroom
throw rug in your living room or he is
using a pair of your socks as a security
blanket.  He can be possessive of you
so I would recommend him being an only
dog in your home.  However, he and my
dog are working things out and both are
learning to share and cooperate.  I love
laying with him at the end of the day and
playing little fun games with him as he
tries to gently nip and lick at my fingers
as I scratch his legs and belly.  Clancy
has been crated during the day but
there were a few occasions where I let
him un-crated at night.   Everything was
left untouched and not destroyed or
moved in the morning.  He definitely
makes me smile and giggle, needs a lot
of love and attention, and is always
ready to return love.

Clancy is neutered and up to date on
JUNE 2013 -

Clancy has been adopted by
the Fowler Family of Texas