Claire is a female Wheatable.  
Her est DOB is 1/13

We found Claire in an animal shelter with
the help of our many Facebook followers
and were able to pull her from the
shelter and get her to safety with a
foster family

A little info from them:

Claire is doing well.  She was extremely
filthy when I picked her up, so we gave
her a bath and cut out all of her matting.

She walks well with the harness and is
calm while it gets put on her.  She and
our wheatable walk very well together.

We do adore her but feel at this time we
will just foster her and let another family
adopt her.  

She is an escape artist!  Whoever
adopts her will to continue to work on
crate training her.  We always keep our
yard gated and the kitchen door opens
to the fenced in backyard - she is very
good at scooting out when we open the
door.  We are working crate training now
and she is able to stay in the crate for
about an hour.  That being said, she is
super cuddly and very sweet.

Update from foster mom:

She will now sit on command and lie

She no longer tries to be an escape
artist as we have been diligently
working with her to sit and lie down in
the kitchen when we leave the house.

She sleeps through the night and has
had no accidents in the house as she is
on a good schedule of going outside.  
She LOVES to play, chase bugs and sniff
flowers. Claire loves to cuddle and play
with her toys (all of which will be sent
with her upon adoption!)

Don't you just love those ears of hers!

Claire is spayed and up to date on shots
prior to adoption.

Claire has been adopted
by the Byrne Family
of Texas