Chuck is a male Wheatable. Best guess
is a Wheaten/Poodle mix. His estimated
DOB is 7/07

Chuck was seized by authorities and
ended up in an animal shelter in St.
Louis. They contacted us and asked that
we take him into Rescue and find him a
Wheaten savvy family.

From his foster mom:

Chuck is quite a guy, and full of fun.  He
has decided he likes us, and our dog!  
They had quite a play session outside
tonight and Chuck was so happy.   He
has a full wheaten tail and it goes a mile
a minute when he is happy.  He knows
his name and is very much loving the
attention he is getting.  He is slightly
scared of unknown noises, but seems to
get comfortable really quickly.  He took a
treat from our hands and just is a great
dog.  We have had a lot of fun with him

Update #2

Oh Chuck.. What can i say!  Happy!   He
is the most fun and playful ball of
energy!  He loves to be around our
family and play out in the yard.   It seems
like he almost always has a smile on his
face!  He is at times still a little scared by
noises and new situations, but he really
does have a wonderful disposition.  He
and our dog have been having daily play
sessions and that is his favorite part of
the day!  He got to go to the groomer
today and have a bath and a nail trim..
and this is what she said about Chuck..
"Chuck thinks he is suave!"  That is so
true. he came home from the groomer
like he was the "it" man.   Chuck will
make some family very happy.  He needs
a good home with someone who can
offer him lots of play time!

Chuck is neutered and up to date on


Chuck has been adopted by the
Lee Family of Ohio