Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Chloe is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.
Her DOB is 1/25/10

Chloe is a owner turn-in. She has begun
attacking the older female dog in the
home.  The attacks have gotten more
frequent over the last couple of months,
so the owner feels it is better for
everyone if Chloe is rehomed before
she injures the older dog in the family.

Chloe has had both basic obedience
training and is a Canine Good Citizen.  
She is currently being used as part of an
Animal Assisted Therapy team.

Some info from the owner:

"Chloe is such a sweet, loving dog that
brings so much joy to the clients in the
assisted living facilities and adult day
cares for Senior citizens.  She is going
to be very much missed.  She does lack
confidence and is not always
comfortable around other dogs, so we
do keep our distance from the other
teams.  She is sweet and docile most of
the time, barking only when the doorbell
rings or the sound of the garbage man.  
She is a serious dog, pondering for a
moment before following commands.  
She is smart and usually obedient.  She
loves to jump and have a good run."

Chloe is spayed and up to date on
APRIL 2015 -  

Chloe has been adopted by
Jeanette & Charles Burson