Chewie is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 3/01

Chewie is a owner turn-in. Some info
from them:

Chewie is very active, fun loving and
has never had any aggressive
tendencies towards humans.  He is a
typical Wheaten, in the sense that he
jumps on you when he greets you and
seeks great amounts of attention.  As
much as this disheartens me, I need to
give him up for adoption. I have am in
the law enforcement field and work odd
and at times very long hours.  As a result
Chewie suffers some anxiety.  I need to
stop looking into my needs at this
moment and look out for Chewie's needs
and wellbeing.  I realize that long days
alone for Chewie are not fair and he
needs to go to a loving home where
he can be attended to.

Chewie is neutered and up to date on
Dinah Brock
MAY 2011 -

Chewie has been adopted by
the Schmidt Family of Rhode