Chewie is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  
His DOB is 6/19/12

He is a owner turn-in. He is a typical,
rambunctious Wheaten puppy that
needs someone with the time and know
how to train him to be a good canine

Some information from them:

Chewie is a very active doggie.
Unfortunately, I did not do much
research prior to purchasing him from a
breeder and didn’t really know what I
was getting into. I live in a very small
townhome without a yard. Chewie has
always been an inside dog however, as
he has gotten bigger his behavior has
gotten out of control. He began nipping
everyone in the home including my six
year old daughter who is now a little
afraid of him. He does NOT bite
aggressively but when he nips it hurts.
When we play with him he gets over
exited and begins jumping and
mouthing, then the mouthing turns to
into nipping. He is very good at letting
you know when he needs to go potty
even by ringing the door bells or giving
a puppy cry.   

I have gone back to work full time but
continue to walk him and play when I get
home. His behavior fluctuates day by
day. He has really good days  being the
perfect puppy and very bad days of
chewing on everything, running in
circles and jumping on furniture. He
gets walked 30 min each day but I really
believe he needs a home with a yard
and to be with people who can provide
him  with lots of attention and training.
Unfortunately, this is not what we can
provide for him. Both of us work full time
and are trying to raise a six year  with
high functioning Autism. We taught that
a dog would be a wonderful companion
for her but he jumps on her  and nips
her more than anyone else in our home.
At first she wanted play with him but now
she just  hide upstairs and avoids him.

Chewie has a high prey drive and will do
well in a home without cats. He is good
with other dogs.

Chewie is neutered & up to date on

Chewie has been adopted by
the Janssen Family of