Charlie is a male Wheatable.
His DOB is 8/1/06

Charlie is a owner turn-in. Below is some
information from them:

Part of the reason we are considering
releasing Charlie is because of his
medical needs.  He has been diagnosed
with Addison's disease (this isn't a
problem for him any more as it is
regulated currently with 1/4 steriod pill a
day and a monthly shot- which we give at
home to save us money).  We also have
a one year old son and just found out
we're expecting a second child, so we
are trying to determine if it would be
best for us to find a new, loving home
for Charlie.  

Addison's disease is very treatable and
Charlie will live a long and happy life
with a daily pill monthly percorton shot.

Anyone interested in adopting Charlie
should research this condition and
speak with their vet to make sure this is
a condition they are able to deal with.

Charlie is neutered and up to date on


Charlie has been adopted by the
Ross/Cady Family of MA

Susan Ballenski
Markus & Ilka with
Oscar & Tessa
Rick Sanford
Mary Hain
Leslie Steis
In Memory of
John Brekka