Charlie is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
His DOB is 7/7/08

Charlie is a owner turn-in.
Some info from them:  

"He is a cuddler, sometimes thinking he
is a lap dog.  He follows you and likes to
be around family.  He likes all foods and
licking people.  He goes for walks at
least twice a day and likes cold floors
and doggie ice cream.  He sleeps in a
travel crate with the door open as that is
his preference.  "We call it bed bed" and
almost like clockwork around 9 pm he
will bark as he wants to go to bed."

We will not place this dog in a
home with children under 16

Charlie has an issue with vets.  He
shows aggression towards them as he
gets very scared.  He is usually muzzled
when there.  He is fine at the groomer
after he warms up to them, but right at
first he is a little hesitant.  He barks
when people come to the door or he
hears a loud noise.  On occasion, he
seems more sensitive to touch if he is
not expecting it, usually more from

Charlie is neutered and up to date on
David Henchman
Sam Dini
MAY 2014 -  

Charlie has been adopted by