Chandler is a male Wheatable.
His est DOB is 3/07

Chandler was hit by a car and taken to a
kill shelter in California. His owner was
contacted and refused to reclaim him.
He was not available for adoption due to
his injuries. We found out about
Chandler little more than 24 hours
before he was scheduled to be
euthanized. After seeing this poor
dejected boy laying there in a cone we
knew we had to try and save him so our
Team Rescue went into overdrive and
was able to find a foster home and a
local animal rescue to help us get him
safe. Chandler's pull was facilitated by
Julie Ashleigh with ARK Animal Rescue
out of San Clements. A huge THANK YOU
for helping us save Chandler's life!

We are happy to report that Chandler is
now healed from his injuries, has gained
some much needed weight and his fur
has grown back in nicely.

From his foster mom:

Chandler is a charmer, to be sure. He is
going to make a lucky family very happy.
He makes a great companion (he likes to
follow people around - even when they
don't realize it) and has a good balance
between knowing when to be obedient
(going to his crate when we need to
leave for a dog-less errand) and when to
be self-reliant (entertaining himself
when we are all busy). He seems to love
each family member equally but is the
"new best friend" of whoever plays with
him last! Chandler is quite intelligent
(not to compare them, but he seems to
be much quicker to understand things
than our own Mason) but seems to be
reluctant to learn new commands
(although we have been somewhat
successful with "sit" and "wait"). He
came to us already knowing how to play
fetch (something that I wish he'd teach
Mason), but he is not very good on
leash yet. When he really wants
something (e.g. chunks of scrambled
egg), he does an indescribably cute
4-footed happy dance.

Chandler is neutered and up to date
on shots.
Sally J Higgins
Marianne Berkey
Kelly Vollbracht
Elizabeth A Cook
Nancy Roman

Chandler has been adopted by
Karen Marston of Arizona