Cassidy is a male Wheatable.  His
estimated DOB is 9/10

Cassidy's owners were moving and they
left him with some neighbors for a few
days. They never came back and got him
so he ended up in a animal shelter.

Rescue volunteers at the shelter saw
him and contacted us to find him a good
forever home.

Cassidy is very sweet and loves to be
petted. It appears he was never taken
anywhere or let inside as he did not
know how to jump into the car and was
scared to come into the house at first
but has learned and adapted very
quickly. He is very smart and with a little
training he will make an excellent pet for
some lucky family out there.

Cassidy is cat aggressive and
will need a home without cats!

Cassidy is neutered and up to date on
Cassidy and Molly playing. Molly is also available
for adoption. You can find her page by clicking
Bret Johnson
Roberta O'Grady
OCTOBER 2011 -

Cassidy has been adopted by
the Bowland Family of Missouri