Casey is a male Wheatable.  His
estimated DOB is 2/10

Casey was pulled from an animal shelter
to save him from euthanasia and we
were contacted to take him in and
find him a home. From the shelter:

I had a local rescue lined up for him but
it has fallen through and he is almost out
of time. He will not be able to be
adopted because he is timid in the cage
and hand shy. I have had him out and he
is wonderful once he is comfortable. He
is neutered and microchipped but was a
dead end. He had been adopted a few
years ago from our local Humane Society
and he could go back to them-but I am
afraid because of how hand shy he is,
they might just euthanize him.

From Casey's new foster home:

he must of been someones close pet he
is smart knows commands, house
broken (no accidents in the house) he
follows you around he loves car rides
and if you get a leash out he starts the
Wheaten Dance where we going and
how soon ....he is crate trained he
knows bedtime and goes to the crate
but he wants to be in the same area as
the rest of the family not in a room by
himself... he is used to being by himself
and having all the attention. He
definitely was someones pet and they
spent time with and on him.  He is close
by at all times. We do not know how he
would be around children.   He is taller
then our dogs they say he weighs 43#
but you can feel his ribs. He is precious!

Casey needs to be placed in
home with no other animals and
we will only consider homes
with children over 14 for this

Casey is neutered and up to date on
Shelter and Before Grooming Pics
In Memory of
Mike Kwasman

Casey has been adopted by
Kara Christensen of Missouri