Casey is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 11/10/07

Casey is a owner turn-in. Below is some
information from them.

Casey originally came to us in late
August.  He belonged to our niece's
fiance' and was brought after an
unfortunate incident with Mark's mom.  
Mark had started a new job and was
working long hours.  His mother came
home from work and admittedly was in a
hurry to get the dog out, pottied and fed
before her friends arrived to go out for
the evening.  Friends arrived almost
immediately, Casey never got to finish
his business and Mom told him to return
to his kennel.  When he hesitated, she
reached for his collar and he turned his
head.  It appears a tooth caught the
fleshy part between her thumb and
index finger.  She required 4 or 5
stitches but there were no puncture
marks on her palm and the injury itself
was a single tear injury so it absolutely
did not sound like a dog bite.  We had
gotten to know Casey over the previous
year and we knew he was Not an
aggressive dog but because Mark still
lived at home and Casey was no longer
welcome, we told him to bring him here
and we would find his forever home.  

He stands just under 20" and weighs a
very healthy 39 #'s.  He truly Loves
everyone and is Very good with our cats
and is a good boy with our dogs (but we
make sure to supervise his interactions
right now to insure he never gets the
'upper paw' or make sure he's kenneled
when we're gone for any length of
time).   He is a gentle, soft hearted
young man who loves snuggling in the
eve, loves to run and play, loves being
outdoors until he gets too cold, is an
AVID swimmer, will 'run' up to 3 miles as
long as he's 'ready' but otherwise is
fairly easy to exercise.  (Mary and Jan
live on a lake and they were quite sure
that if allowed, Casey would take off
swimming for the pure joy of it ... and
maybe get himself into trouble on their
big lake - so near water, he needs

He is crate trained, nicely housebroken,
wonderful for grooming (except for nails
- but a soft sided muzzle settles him
right down).  He loves our fenced yard
and will entertain himself if left there but
clearly enjoys interacting with our young
border collie.  He is in the low mid to mid
range of energy level.  He will play
retrieve but needs work on bringing the
ball back to you.  We're working on
"turns" between he and our other dogs.  
He's good when he wants to be.  He
Gladly follows you wherever you go.  He
loves keeping you company.  On sunny
days, he loves just hanging out with you
outdoors.  He has been fine with our
dogs but they have learned to ignore his
"big dog" ploys and we're always ready
to call Casey off.

Casey loves the rain and loves playing
in it but he does Not like Thunderstorms
- loud Thunder triggers something akin
to anger.  We found that putting his
Thundershirt on him (which will stay with
him) works wonderfully and calms him
immediately.  We also found that he's
fine in his crate if you just cover it with a
sheet.  Otherwise, he barks and carries
on when the thunder gets close (works
himself into an agitated state - it's not a
fear response but likely anxiety driven.)

Ideal Home - what seems ideal may be a
quieter, stable home with CLEAR dog
rules and his people NEVER allowing him
to think he's the boss!  He is easily
exercised with walking or playing ball or
running in the yard - an hour spread out
over the course of the day is enough.   
He is an incredibly cute boy with a joyful
abandon when he's happy.   He clearly is
becoming the clown Wheaten's are born
to be; the loving and devoted
companion that makes up who he is.

Casey is neutered and up to date on
Debra Maitre
Marie Molter
Treacy Solon
Linda Kerr
Pro Discounters, Inc.

Casey has been adopted by
Mark Cronin of Massachusetts