Cara is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her estimated DOB is

Cara was rescued from a puppymill. To
learn more about dogs that are rescued
from puppymills please click

Cara is very sweet and friendly and gets
along well with other dogs.

Update 1

She has had a very difficult day today
with her spay. Cara had a mass in two of
her breasts that turned out to be her
intestines and part of her uterus that
had fallen through a hernia in her
abdomen. The surgery was long and
difficult and Cara did not wake up
quickly. It took her over an hour to start
breathing on her own but thankfully she
is now. However, her body temp is still
low so they have her under heat lamps
trying to bring it up. If her temp does not
regulate in the next hour I will have to
go and take her to the emergency clinic
so that they can keep an eye on her

The vet said that the hernia was in an
unusual place making him think it was a
traumatic hernia, meaning it was caused
by an injury like being attacked by
another dog or being kicked hard and
not receiving any vet care. Cara is a tiny
little Wheaten who only weighed 21 lbs
yesterday so she could easily be injured
in such a way.

It is good she came out of the mill when
she did though as her intestines and
uterus were being strangled and that
would have eventually killed her.

Update 2

I spoke with the vet just before they
closed for the night and Cara was sitting
up and responding and her temp was up
to 98 (normal for a dog is around 102). All
good signs. They decided she was ok to
stay at the vets for the night and did not
need to go to the emergency vet for the

Update 3

Cara is home and doing very well. She is
resting comfortably in her crate and
made the little video above to say think
you to everyone!

Cara is spayed and up to date on shots.
She is located in Kansas City, MO
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APRIL 2010 -

Cara has been adopted by
Tonya Wood of Michigan

In memory of
Babe Jegatheesan