Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Cadence is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.
Her DOB is 7/15/15

Cady's mother,
Melody and a male
Wheaten were dumped in southwest
MO. Unfortunately the male ran off and
was not found again but Melody was
taken in by a woman there. It soon
became apparent that she was pregnant.
Unfortunately, when she went into labor,
only Cadence was born and no other
puppies. Melody was taken to the vet
and a emergency c-section was done.
Her uterus had flipped and sadly the
other puppies had died.

We were contacted the day after the
puppy was born but the lady wanted to
keep Melody and then find a home for
the puppy. Unfortunately, Melody is cat
aggressive and would not leave her cats
alone so she contacted us and asked
that we take them both into Rescue.

Cady is a very sweet puppy. As a
singleton puppy she would do best in a
home with a well socialized male
Wheaten who will teach her dog ways
and help her with socialization with
other dogs.

There are special contracts and policies
when adopting a puppy which the
adoption coordinator will discuss with
those interviewed for this puppy.

Cadence is spayed and up to date on
shots appropriate for her age.
DECEMBER 2015 -  

Adopted by: