Buster is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. His DOB is 1/07

Buster is a owner turn-in. He has an
awesome Wheaten-Greetin where he
spins in circles to welcome his people
home again.  He's a happy, playful boy
who loves to romp in the snow
and get cuddles and kisses.

Here is what we know about Buster:
Buster and his brother Teddy were
purchased together in 2007. Eventually,
Teddy and Buster started being
aggressive with each other.  One owner
was recently bitten by one of the dogs
while she was trying to break up a fight
between them.  Neither dog has had
much interaction at all with other dogs,
and so are not well socialized.  Buster is
the easier dog, but has growled at other
dogs while on walks and is always kept
on a very short leash around them, so
has not had the benefit of proper
introductions.  It is very likely that he
will do fine with an easy-going female
dog.  He tends to be shy when meeting
dogs for the first time and may
hide behind legs.

Buster is neutered and up to date on

Buster has been adopted by
Hollace Figueira of New York