Buddy is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. His DOB is 10/11

Buddy was purchased as a Christmas
present in 2011.  He was left in the yard,
mostly ignored, with a small shelter.  The
current owner met Buddy in August of
2012, and he was matted, skinny as a rail,
and starved for attention. This person
was there to view the property as
Buddy's owners were being evicted.  His
food and water bowls were empty.  
Eventually, the original owners
moved out, and left Buddy to fend for
himself in the yard.

He was taken in by the new resident and
current "former owner" who has had him
since Sept 2012.  She had him neutered,
got rid of the fleas.  She had him shaved
down due to all the heavy matting.  They
intended on keeping him, but he started
trying to boss his way around their old
dogs, and they feel that it would be
better for Buddy to have a home of his

He knows some commands, is very
healthy. He's OK with cats, and most
dogs but because of his alpha nature,
the former owners did not like leaving
him alone unsupervised with the other
dogs.  Great with all kids!

Buddy is up to date on shots.
JANUARY 2013 -

Buddy has been adopted by
the SInk/Hernandez Family of