Bree is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her DOB is 5/02

Bree is a owner turn-in. Some
info from them:

As difficult as this is, we have come to
the realization that we have to give up
our Wheaten terrier named Bree.  We
have a young son and can no longer
give her as much attention as she
needs.  Bree was used to going
everywhere with us, and now gets way
too little attention, despite our best
efforts.  She is a very nice dog--
good with children, extremely smart,
loves new environments, and really
needs to get out of the house more than
she currently does.  Bree  is the only dog
that has ever pulled me into the vet and
kennel with excitement *every* single
time she goes.  She loves adventures.

She seems to have come from a puppy
mill, and her tail is docked too short.  
She is a big girl and weighs 45 lbs. She is
spayed, house trained, her shots are up
to date, and she walks very well on a
leash.  Bree has a few "quirks"- she
loves to eat the mail when it comes in
the mail slot and she gets very upset
during rainstorms (barking).  Other than
that, she is a typical friendly smart
terrier. She gets along well with any
other dog that we have encountered.  It
should also be noted that Bree has
Addison's disease and receives oral
steroids daily and a shot once a month.

We have been struggling with what to do
about Bree for a long time and do not
have any options at this point. We would
like to see her go to a good home   
where she will be given the attention
that she deserves.

Addison's disease is very treatable and
Bree will live a long and happy life with a
monthly percorton shot and a daily pill.

Anyone interested in adopting her
should research this condition and
speak with their vet to make sure this is
condition they feel comfortable in
dealing with.

Bree is spayed and up to date on shots.


Bree has been adopted by the
Yannett Family of New York