Bodie is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 6/18/10

Bodie is a owner turn-in. Some info from

Bodie's previous owners stated that he
displayed possession aggression but we
have not seen any of that while he has
been here with us. He is a very sweet
boy and gets along with the other dogs
in the Rescue well. He does need some
training and working with in areas like
grooming, especially when the clippers
are used but think he will be fine in a
home with people who know how to be
in charge and not let a dog walk all over
them. He has gotten a shorter summer
cut since these pictures so we will try
and get some new pictures soon.

Since Bodie's previous owner reported
some possession issues with him we are
setting a few guidelines for his
adoption. He will need a owner who is
willing to work with him and is willing to
be the leader and alpha around Bodie.
We will require enrollment in training as
a condition of adoption and will require
proof of such before he goes to his new
home.  We will not consider homes with
children under 16 for this dog.

Bodie is neutered and up to date on
Margaret Jamison
Cathy Yuen
Karen Krick
Dorothy Hurley

Bodie has been adopted by
Richard Rosa of New York