Biscuit is a female Wheatable.  Her
estimated DOB is 4/07

Biscuit's owner could no longer care for
her and a family member took her in to
find a home. Some info from them:

She is very very sweet and super smart
and can figure out how to open doors,
etc... Bisquit is obviously a bright dog
and too smart for her own good. She
could probably stand to lose a few
pounds as she's quite chunky. She does
NOT,  however, get along with other
smaller dogs; at least that's what we
were told and she's growled at our guys
here, but we haven't pushed the issue may have nothing more to do
than with her being confined all her life
in a small cage...we've seen that quite
often unfortunately. We have not tried to
integrate her with others here so she
has been in a large enclosure (10 foot x
12 foot) by herself until we could figure
out where she's going; at least she has
plenty of exercise and room to run
around. She possibly would be alright
with bigger dogs that she couldn't
intimidate, but definitely no little ones.
She's not mean, but she wants to be
bossy and I would call her an alpha dog
for that reason. Probably not cats either
as where she came from did not have
felines. She doesn't seem too
concerned with our cats though, but
then again we haven't made an issue of
them being around her if possible. No
point in tempting fate.  She definitely
adores children (she gets happy and
excited when she sees kids; we have a
13 year old and she has taken to her)
and is a good watchdog, but not an
incessant barker. She just needs help
and we're trying.

Update - May 2nd

Biscuit has now moved to Kansas City.
Her coat was a mess so we decided the
best thing to do was just shave it all off
and let it all grow out at once.  We have
discovered she has a large tumor on her
belly as you can see in the pics to the
right. This will be removed when she is

If you would like to be a Angel for this
little girls surgery please use the link at
the top of the page. Remember that all
donations are tax deductible!

She is incredibly sweet and a little shy
but  warms up quickly. She has been out
in the yard with all the boys and gave
them warnings if they got fresh with her
but is getting along well.

She has a Wheaten sized body and head
but has short little legs - very cute! As
you can see she has black coloring on
her tongue. It is an old wives tale that
dogs with black on their tongues have
chow in them - she does not. It is simply

5/18 Update

Belle has had her tumor successfully
removed and is healing well. She is such
a happy go lucky girl and nothing seems
to phase her.

To the right is a movie shot tonight of
her playing in the yard with
Buck and
Belle who are also up for adoption.

Biscuit is spayed and up to date on


Biscuit has been adopted by the
Ralls Family of California

Jane Ochman
Janice Gumerman
Markus & Ilka with
Oscar & Tessa
In Memory of
Lauren Allen
Charles Cottone
Darlene Ghents