Bentley is a male Wheatable.  
His DOB is 6/15/05

Bentley is a owner turn-in.

They were forced to move and the new  
house is not equipped for pets and he
spends too much time outside.  
Neighbors are now complaining because
he barks and have threatened to call
animal services.  He has only recently
started barking due to the new living
conditions.  He just wants more
attention and the family just cannot give

He is fine with other dogs but not much
interested in playing or with playing with
toys.  He is overweight at 75 lbs and
according to the vet could stand to lose
15 which is currently being worked on
but he is always going to be a big boy.
He does get scared/spooked easily and
can nip at peoplas a result which is
getting better with time.

We will not consider any homes with
children under 16 for this dog.

From his foster mom:

He's generally a happy tail-waggin',
loving, lovable lug who loves to sleep
the day away.  :-)  He really is very sweet.
He loves to be close to you but is not
demanding, loves to be petted but not
eager to play. He is perfectly happy just
to lay at your feet, be your shadow and
hop up on the couch if he's allowed to
do so. He is the quintessential man's
best friend, companion dog and loyal
boy. And he has even started his own
big-boy version of a wheaten greetin!  :-)

Bentley is neutered and up to date on
Jennifer Stuart

Bentley has been adopted by
Scott Tilton of Virginia