Benji is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
His DOB is 6/04

Benji was surrendered to a shelter by an
older couple who could no longer take
care of him.  They had had him since he
was a puppy, however, the man was
confined to a wheelchair and the lady is
86 years old and could no longer walk
Benji or take adequate care of him.  We
were contacted by the shelter to take
him into rescue.

From his new foster home:

Overall he appears to be in fantastic
shape/health. (as far as we can tell).
We gave him a bath, he did really well!  
Let us put him in the tub and even blow
dry him for the most part.  Walks
extremely well on a leash and knows at
least the command of sit.  Haven't got to
work w/ him on any others yet.  He
seems he will be very motivated for a
treat.  He was pretty good when we
introduced him to our Wheaten.
We were told at the shelter he was
dropped off b/c he was food aggressive
toward other pets and people when he
was eating. We fed him today twice and
he seemed to eat fine.  We didn't test
the aggression w/ our Wheaten or
ourselves.  He's very playful, loves to
just hang out by himself or give kisses
and get some love.  He's fairly easy
going so far!

Benji would do best in a home where he
is the only pet or with a very laid back

Due to his age, Benji's
adoption fee is only $150!

Benji is neutered and up to date on
APRIL 2014

Benji has been adopted
by Steve McGlade