Benji is a male Wheatable.   
His est DOB is 1/10

If Benji could talk, we are sure he would
have quite a story to tell!  He was a stray
for three years running the streets of
Everman, Texas.  He would travel from
Everman to Fort Worth, Texas using
backyards, alleys and any other way he
could move without getting caught.  For
three years Everman Animal Control and
the neighboring towns tried to catch
him.  He eluded them all.  The town took
him on as a town pet and would put food
out for him behind the Sonic and some
other local stores.  He was doing fine,
until someone decided he was
becoming a nuisance and wanted him
caught.  So the AC of Everman thought
he would just try and put out the dog
trap.  He was certain Benji would not go
in it, he was way to smart for that.  
However, the next morning when he
went to check the trap, sure enough
there Benji lay.  It was if he said, "okay
fine you what!"  Benji then
went to the Everman Animal Shelter.  
The workers there became very
attached to him and began networking
him and his story.  S'Wheat Rescue was
notified and we were able to pull Benji
from the shelter.

From his foster mom:

Since Benji has been here, he is really a
sweet, sweet dog.  He wants to be part
of the family and watches from the
perimeter.  He will approach you, but if
you approach him he backs up until he  
is comfortable, then he is ready for
some loving.  He is fine with cats, my   
cat walked right by him and he never  
acknowledged her.  The same with my
dogs, he is very submissive so they just
pretty much ignore him.  He follows  
their lead very well. We are learning
about walking in and out the door, to
walk on a leash, and just some basic
things that most dogs his age        
already know how to do.

Benji will is neutered, up to date on
shots and heartworm negative.
Sandy Thompson
Brenda Mendoza
Dorothy Hurley
APRIL 2014

Benji has been adopted
by Joan Harbin