Bella is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her DOB is 11/23/06

Bella and her brother,
Denny, were born
in a Missouri Puppymill. They were
purchased by a family that soon
discovered that Bella dribbled urine. The
family fell on hard times and were no
longer able to care for them properly or
pay for the surgery that Bella requires.

Both dogs are very sweet and friendly.
They came from a home that had 11 dogs
and reportedly got along fine. The poor
babies have been living outdoors for
over a year due to Bella's condition.

As you can see in the pictures, they
came into rescue in horrible condition.
Seeing that they were owner released it
is absolutely atrocious. We have had mill
dogs come in better condition than
these two.

Poor Bella's coat was so matted the even
getting clippers under it was a
nightmare. We had to literally peel it back
inch by inch in order to be able to cut it
was pulled so tight. It had to be very
painful to have all of your fur pulling
tight like that all of the time. Under the
big massive matt that was her coat she is
a walking skeleton, severely under-

Bella has a ectopic ureter the same as
Macey and Maia. What this means is that
her kidneys are not connected properly
to her bladder and the urine is dribbling
straight out of her instead of being
collected in the bladder first as is normal.

After much thought we have decided not
to have Bella go through the ectopic
ureter surgery. Even though they claim a
50/50 success rate, we have done this
surgery many times through the Rescue
and taken in many dogs that have had it
in the past and we have never seen it fix
the problem and in some cases has in
fact made it worse.  As Bella has minimal
dripping we think it is best to just let her
be and she can wear pullups while
indoors as other dogs with this condition
have done.

Bella is spayed, HW neg and up to date
on shots.


Bella has been adopted by the
Stetzel Family of Indiana

Jennifer Lockart
"We are praying for
you, Bella"
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