Becky is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 12/25/01

Becky was with a group of 10 Wheatens
that were rescued from a miller in Texas.
We took all of the Wheatens from the mill
so they are no longer breeding them!

To learn more about dogs that come
from mills please click

Becky is a little shy at first but warms up
pretty quickly. She does like to lick

As you may notice in her pictures, she
had two cysts removed on her back, had
her teeth cleaned and a couple of teeth

From her foster mother:

Becky is a kind soul.  She enjoys finding
a quiet spot and just watching
everything around her.   When you first
see her in the morning she always
greets with a tail wag, and when you
approach will give tons of kisses on your
hands.  She is enjoying having blankets
to snuggle in, and we have found that
were a blanket is that is where Becky
enjoys hanging out.  Becky so far is not
much of an explorer, but she is adjusting
pretty well.  Becky and Annie took their
first trip to the Groomers today, and
while it went well they are not quite
ready for the noises of everyday life out
on the streets. Becky looks quite lovely
with her new hair trim.  

Becky is spayed, heartworm negative
and up to date on shots.  
Kyle Golder
Becky Jeter
In Memory of
Maxxie Erickson
Markus & Ilka
with Oscar und Tessa
Karen Krick
Judy and Flynn
Jacqueline Kimbrough
March 2010 - A FOREVER HOME

Becky has been adopted by the
Jackson Family of Missouri