Baxter is a male Wheatable.   
His  DOB is 6/13

Baxter was pulled from an animal
shelter. He was adopted from this
shelter originally at 3 months. The
adopter noticed he was having trouble
going up and down the stairs and took
him to her vet to have him checked out.
They examined him and did x-rays and
came to the conclusion that he suffers
from bilateral hip dysplaysia. They
recommended management of his
condition at this age, and once he
reaches the age of 11-12 months he
should be reevaluated. If pain and
dysfunction persist then surgical
options may be considered.  The owner
at that time decided she did not have
the resources to take care of him if
surgery was necessary, so she returned
him to the shelter.

From his foster mom:

Baxter's is a big sweet  puppy - 35
pounds at 6 months.  "I have a large
wheaten size crate and he's visited it a
time or two for short periods and seems
okay there.  His hip dysplasia is
apparent, though. He can get around
fine, but has trouble on stairs.  I lifted
him in and out of the car and up and
down stairs.  He has no problem being
carried!!  He is a very curious puppy
right now, investigating everything.

Baxter is neutered and up to date on
Baxter has been adopted
by the Goldsmith Family
of North Carolina