Bach is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.   His DOB is 5/05

Bach ended up in an animal shelter in
GA but we don't really know what the
circumstances were. He was found as a
stray but was microchipped. The owner
was tracked down and said that they had
sold him long ago and did not want him
back and just left him in the shelter!

What we do know is that he was there
for a couple of weeks before we found
out about him. We were told he had an
injured back leg. A foster home was
found and he was taken directly to the
vets to have the leg checked out.

Unfortunately, the news was not good.
He suffered a compound fracture to his
leg several month ago. The bone is still
protruding through the skin. As a result
of the injury never being treated his
muscles have all atrophied and the
nerves have died. The leg is not

Bach is scheduled for surgery to
amputate the leg on 9/27/13. He is not in
any pain due to the injury any longer.

It is expected that he will heal quickly
and since he has already been on 3 legs
for quite awhile the adjustment time
should be minimal. He will be available
for adoption as soon as the wound has
healed up and will lead a normal life
after that time.

His foster family reports that he is a very
sweet boy and gets along well with their
other animals.

"This little guy is so sweet it's hard to
believe anyone could not want him

Bach is neutered and up to date on
Shelter Photo
Barbara Ivey
Sandy Thompson
Kathryn Brewer
Joan Harbin
Angela Wilson
Jean Davis
Lori Mannino
OCTOBER 2013 -

Bach has been adopted by the
Southern Family of

Linda Garretson
Maryanne Ware