Bacchus is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 12-28-09

Bacchus is a owner turn-in.
Some info from them:

He is aggressive with our older family
dog. As he is smaller, he has never hurt
or maliciously attacked our dog, but he
tries to fight with him constantly and as
he never agrees to submit to him,  our
sweet, usually-a-total-pushover basset
mix is becoming increasingly aggresive
toward Bacchus and I am afraid that
eventually he will injure him, as he is
quite a bit larger than Bacchus.
Though he has never acted
aggressively toward our children, he
does insist on treating them more like
litter mates and nips at ankles and backs
when they are running around, though
from his point of view, he is playing with
them- it is not aggressive and he has
not hurt them. At times it almost seems
as if he is trying to herd them, like what
a sheep dog might do, but very
unpleasant for our children. We feel that
Bacchus deserves a chance to be in
home that does not bring out the worst
in him, because he is SUCH a loving and
adorable dog. Because he is still a
puppy, we feel that he has more of a
chance of a successful turnaround than
if he were older, and it is because of this
that we so hope he can find a loving
home appropriate to his needs as soon
as possible.

We will only consider homes with
children over 14 for this dog. A home
without other animals or with a laid-back
female dog will be required.

Bacchus  is neutered and up to
date on shots.

OCTOBER 2010 -

Bacchus has been adopted by
Nikki Milsovic of Illinois