Austin is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 6/18/09

Austin is a owner turn-in. Below is some
information from them:

Our reasons for finding him a new home
are mainly that he is extremely hyper,
which I realize is a Wheaten trait, but too
much for our family. We have 3 young
children. Also he is aggressive toward
other animals. He nips and jumps on the
children constantly. I believe it is puppy
playful, but it is still irritating to say the

Austin is undersocialized with other
dogs and reacts inappropriately around
them. He will need a home where he is
the only pet and will need socialization
and obedience training. We will require
obedience training as a condition of
adoption with this puppy.

He is good with people but due to his
lack of training and over exuberance we
will only consider homes with children
over 12 for this puppy.


Austin has come a long, long way since
coming into Rescue. We have spent a lot
of time working with him on his issues
and he is now socializing and playing
well with other dogs in the Rescue. On
leash he does still occasionally get
overly excited and lunge and act
inappropriately to other dogs.

He went to the Wheaten Meetin' this
weekend and did very, very well with all
the other dogs.

With continued training and socialization
we are confidant he will be a well
adjusted Wheaten who gets along with
lots of other dogs!

Austin is neutered and
up to date on shots.

Austin has been adopted by
Lynn Palmer of Michigan.