Audie is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 3/01/05

Audie was a breeding dog in a puppymill.
She was part of the group of dogs we
rescued from a puppymill auction along
with Allie, Belle, Millie, Tillie, Bonnie
Boo, Buddy and Honey. To read more
about Amish mills please click

Info on Audie.

What a trooper this girl is. She is a
poster child for everything that is evil in
puppymills. Audie came into Rescue
pregnant, having been bred by the
puppymiller just 5 months after giving
birth to her last litter in which several of
the puppies did not make it and Audie
had a potentially life-threatening
infection in one of her breasts.
However, none of that mattered to the
miller and they bred her again with no
thought to her health when she came
into heat again.

Just a little more than a week before her
puppies were due Audie started having
a foul discharge and was rushed to the
vet and immediately into emergency
surgery. Several of the puppies had
died and were decaying inside her. The
vets had a very hard time with her
surgery as her uterus was so used up
and destroyed by being forced to breed
on every heat cycle that it was literally
falling apart when they touched it and
great care had to be taken to keep the
decaying material out of her abdominal
cavity. Sadly there were still a couple of
puppies still alive but they were just too
premature to survive.

There is absolutely no doubt that had
Audie still been in the puppymill for this
pregnancy not only the puppies but she
would have died as a result of this

Audie is now completely healthy and has
no lasting effects of her pregnancy
issues since she has been spayed.

Understandably, Audie is a bit shy and
reserved around people she does not
know and will need a kind and
understanding new owner who will be
patient and take the time to make Audie
feel safe and secure and live up to her
full potential! Are you the one to give
her the life she deserves?

Audie is spayed and up to date on shots
prior to adoption.
Iris Selig
Nancy Stream
Audrey Plowes
Brenda Mendoza
Sue Wright
Ann Kaat
Lisa Chirico
Brenda Mendoza
Holly Anderson
Felicia Friel
Darlene Ghents
Staci Riznik
Buckingham Interiors +
Amy Murdoch
MARCH 2013 -

Audie has been adopted by the
Billie Wroblewski of New York