Apple is a female Pitbull Terrier.  
Her est. DOB is 11/08

No we are not branching out into pitbull

However, Apple is a special case and is
in our Rescue because she was found
beside a busy interstate freeway by the
Rescue President.

She was pulling herself along by her
front legs dragging the rear half of her
body when she was found.

At first it was though she had been hit by
a car but after being examined and
x-rayed by our vet we found that she has
swelling and compression between two
vertebrae in her back which is causing
her paralysis.

As there is no way she got out by that
freeway by herself we can only conclude
that she was dumped there to be hit and
killed by a car. We will have to hope that
karma takes care of the type of person
who would do such a thing.

We do not know if Apple will be able to
walk again, only time will tell. She is
currently being treated with steroids
and we have seen some movement
coming back in her tail.

If she is not making progress in a couple
of weeks it will be necessary to take her
to a specialist to see if anything can be
done surgically to help her walk again.

Apple is the sweetest, gentlest dog and
craves being around people so we want
to give her every chance we can to


We took Apple to see a neurologist
today and the bad news is he does not
believe she will regain the use of her
back legs. The good news is he says she
is a perfect candidate for a doggy
wheelchair and she can live very happily
that way.

He gave us a recommendation for the
company he thinks builds the best carts
and I contacted them today. They will
give us a discount being a Rescue but it
is going to cost about $500 to have it
custom made for her.

So, we are asking for some Angels for
Apple to make this happen for her. I
know she is not a Wheaten but we still
want to help her and would appreciate
any donation you can give.

Apple is located in Kansas City, MO
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Apple has been adopted by the
Cusick Family of Missouri