Abbie is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. Her estimated DOB is

Abbie was a release from a Amish
Puppymill. The puppymiller promised to
"shoot her" if she was not taken into
rescue so here she is!

As you can see in the pictures, Abbie
came in overgrown and very matted -
they were also very dirty and smelly! We
will get new photos online after she has
been shaved down.

From her foster family:

Abbie is a very sweet dog. She eats and
sleeps with Ammie, they follow one
another all over the yard.

In a home with good people she will
blossom quickly. You can read more
about dogs from puppymills by visiting
the page on the website by clicking


Abbie has a tendency to hang behind the
other dogs but they do all get along. She
is a cuddle bug and loves to sit on your
lap and will stay there until you have to
get up. She has the sweetest disposition
and  craves attention. Both Ammie and
Abbie are eating well and taking water
they sleep together in the large crate
and go in during the day to rest. They like
to lay on our wooden floors as they are
cool. Abbie also likes other people and
dogs with a little patience on their part,
Abbie will make any family a wonderful
pet and companion, We have not had the
chance to have them around children
yet  and or cats. Abbie's hair is so fine
once we got the knots out  we just could
not shave her we had to do more
trimming in her beard and on the sides of
her face as she had caked on filth under
her chin that was hard as a rock, She
must have had a hard time holding her
head up. We saved as much of her facial
hair as we could.

She is spayed and up to date on shots.


Abbie has been adopted by
Steve Goldberg of California

In Memory of
The Mick Dog,
Love, Ron, Janeen
and Jeter
Before Grooming
Gary Volz
Nancy Burroway