Snake Saturday Parade!
The Wheaten Meetin' is a yearly gathering held in Kansas City, Missouri for Wheaten and Wheatable
owners and anyone who loves the breed. Anyone with or without a Wheaten of their own is invited
to attend. What better way to learn about the breed and people who are owned by them than
attending the Meetin'?
Thanks to  everyone who made
Wheaten  Meetin' 2016 a success!

We won 5th Prize in the Parade and
raised $2000 for the Rescue!

Make your plans now to join us for
Wheaten Meetin' 2017!
Wheaten Meetin' 2016
"Wee Wheaten Brigade"
March 11-12, 2016
Friday Night  - Visiting & getting ready for the Parade!
Practicing for the big parade.
Excuse the messed up camera work!
Singing in the Parade!
We won 5th Prize & $2000 for the Rescue!
Saturday Night Party and Raffle/Auction!
Thanks to all who joined us for Wheaten Meetin' 2016! What a great weekend of fun, laughter and socializing
with other Wheaten lovers! Please make plans to join us for