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Adoption #690 - Winston

want to let you all know how wonderful “Sir” Winston is!  He is
adoption #690, and we could not be happier.  We were not looking
for another Wheaten anytime soon, but after Wendy sent out the
e-mail in July about helping, I decided to foster (only foster!!!).  I had
forgotten about Winston (Wheatable) and Stacy reminded me that he
was in Atlanta – very close to me.  Winston had kind of “fallen through
the cracks” – he wasn’t a puppy mill survivor, abused or abandoned.   
However, by the condition of his coat, I believe he was neglected by
his family.  After seeing his photo, we went to work on the fostering
process.  Amanda, Tiffany, Stacy and Tonya were great with answering
questions, and I want to thank Leslie Steis for doing the transport.
We both immediately fell in love with him.  If Leslie didn’t have Katie
and Molly, I think there would have been a fight over him!  I also want
to thank Kat for coming by my house to do the home check on her way
home to Birmingham.  Most of all, I want to thank Wendy for making
this all possible.  Without her devotion to this breed and a thorough
adoption process, we would not have the ability to give these wonder-
ful dogs the loving homes they deserve.   

Winston was one ball of matted fur when we got him.  He walked
into our home like he had been here all of his life!  I think we
“fostered” him for about 30 minutes…he completely stole our hearts!!!
It took a couple of weeks for Winston and Khaki (DIVA) to get comfortable, but they love each other now and
play every day.  I also never thought about adopting a Wheatable, but he is the cutest dog!  He has some
distinct Wheaten features and other obvious features “from the wood pile”.  He doesn’t have the allergies
Khaki does, and he is very CALM!!!   I would urge every one who might be on the fence about fostering or
adopting to take the plunge.  We are so glad we did!!!!

Jeannie, Lee, Crawford, Khaki, Winston and Foley (the cat)
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