Testimonials and
Adoption #520 - Sherman (Formerly Vinnie)

We are sooooo happy with Vinny aka Sherman, we were so prepared to get
thru some rough spots, but he has done way beyond our expectations, it is
crazy, we keep waiting for the storm to hit. I thought maybe some positive
feedback from adopter might help out. I know Connie (Sunshines Mom) is
very pleased as well. There are alot of pro's to getting cautious puppymill
survivor, in our element, he has done very well, he seems to want to please
and he observes our older female dog and does as she does
Adoption #252 - Moses (Formerly Mojo)

I really cannot say enough to describe what a super dog Moses is. When we visit friends who appreciate
dogs, Moses is a very distinguished guest. He stays out of the way observing until an appropriate time. We
have had so many folks say if we ever need to leave Moses with someone he is welcome to stay with them. He
is kind, gentle, stern when he needs to be, considerate and obedient. We saw Moses on the Wheaten Rescue
adoption page soon after we lost our Wheaten Sam. Moses looked like his clone. We worked feverishly to
adopt Moses. Lucky for us we were successful.

Chuck and Marty Hird
Adoption #510 - Rose

“I was very impressed with every aspect of S’Wheat Rescues. They truly have every Wheaten/Wheatable’s
best interest at heart when finding them a forever home as it should be”
Adoption #208 - Murphy (Formerly Merlin)

We wanted to tell you how much adopting Murphy (Merlin Adoption # 208) has
meant to us.  God only knows what this poor guy went through before you
rescued him.  He is the most loving, sensitve, eager to please dog we have
ever loved.  The before and after photos of him are shocking.  He has given
us so much joy and laughter.  Driving to Florida from Missouri to get him, has
turned out to be the best trip we ever took.  We will always be devoted
members of S'Wheat Rescues.

Adoption #173 - Sandy (Formerly Eddie)

We adopted Sandy in Sept, 2004 when he was just a year old and have had
nothing but joy ever since.  He has the cutest personality and makes us smile
every day.  He is the best dog we've ever owned.  My experience with
S'Wheat Rescues was and continues to be excellent.

Liz and Jim Chamberlain of Naples Florida
Adoption #403 - Bucky

Bucky says he's the happiest dog in the world.  He refers to himself  as Lucky
Bucky.  Actually, we are all so happy to be together.  None  of us, including his
sister Maggie (who just turned 10) can imagine life before him or life without
him.  He is a good spirited, spunky boy.  He loves his chow and oh how he
loves to sleep in our bed or in one of the chairs in the family room.  I've never
seen a dog that enjoys sleep more than Bucky.

Wendy, the work that you and your volunteers put into this labor of love is truly heartwarming and amazing.  I
cannot imagine the unthinkable things these dogs have been through and you are an angel to save them so
that they can be adopted and given a second chance.  We all deserve second chances.  Thanks for picking
Bucky for us.  We love him so.

Bob, Tina and Maggie-dog Patterson
Charlotte NC
Adoption #482 - Mack

Mack is doing amazing and is just a wonderful addition, he gets a lot of hugs and gets them as well!
Thanks for checking and being a part of a group that has helped add so much to our family!

Janine Stichter
Adoption #456 - Berlin

Berlin , or Berni as we call him, is doing great!  He is improving more and
more everyday and has realized that he is now part of the family.  He likes to
sleep with us and watch TV and is now more comfortable walking around the
house and back yard.  He even goes in the pool  when we are with him.  He is
especially in love with the hammock and  can be found there lounging, his
favorite past time.  He is fully house trained and knows exactly when “walkies”
is.  He has even been seen wagging his tail when we are out and about.  We are so happy that we were able to
give him a home because he is the sweetest little dog, has a great temperament and has been the best
addition to our home.  

Randi Rodriguez
Adoption #507 - Gus (formerly Fergus)

In December of 2008, we lost our eight year old wheaten terrier, Buster, to a spinal
tumor.  I didn’t handle it very well.  Buster was the child of our empty nest, and
because my husband travels a lot, he and I were very close.

It is clear to me now that Buster was a puppy mill puppy who was given to a pet store
because he wasn’t “perfect”.  He had problems with his wrists and ankles, they didn’t
bend, and by the time he was one we had already seen a specialist about his bone
issues.  But he had a very happy life and I have never known a more joyful dog.  I am
thankful for every day of his life - it was just over too soon.

Long about March of this year I found S’Wheat Rescues.  We were looking for a
Wheaten Terrier to rescue, not to replace my Buster, but someone who needed us
and could help me heal from such a devastating loss.  A rescue felt like a good thing
to be doing.  So I decided to go to the chatroom to see what this group was all about.

From the moment I logged on to the chat room I felt I was finally with people who
understood just how depressed and sad I was at the loss of  “mommie’s bestest, bestest boy”;  and like everyone else
who I talked to who had owned a Wheaten they said that the only way to heal was to get another one.  Wheatens it
seems, hold a unique place in their owners hearts that can’t be replaced, they love their people completely and we all
want that love again.

I don’t remember which of the members were there that first night, I know Wendy was there and I suspect Stacy was too.  
There were several more names but of course they meant nothing to me then, but their empathy was instant and sincere.  
I didn’t stay long because it hurt too much to talk about my Buster then, but I knew I would go back.  I started watching
the Wheatens Available for Adoption list.

One night when I logged into the chatroom Stacy asked me if I had seen the new arrival on the adoption page.  So I went
to look and a dog named Fergus was in need of an immediate home, having been kicked out of doggie day care for not
playing well with others.  He was wearing a leather biking jacket, and clearly was very good natured about it.  He was a
big wheaten, something which I knew would please my husband, Tim, who would have liked slightly larger dog than
Buster to roughhouse with.  I wasn’t troubled by his “other dog” issues, we knew what that was like from Buster.  So I
talked it over with Tim, and filled out the application for foster-to-adopt on the spot.  Three days later I was on my way to
pick him up.  

I knew that first night after I brought him home that he was our new fella.  He was unsure and scared but he was such a
good boy.  I slept on the floor with him that first night so that he would know that he was safe, and was rewarded with
some good morning kisses the next day.  I could feel the knot around my heart start to loosen.  

It took a while for him to understand that the family he had known and obviously loved would not be back, and he was
very reserved at first.  His life wasn’t always rosy, we were his second rescue, and he often wore a worried look.

But as he came to know and trust us he loosened up and started showing some of those wonderful wheaten traits.  He
waits at the door until you invite him in, because he is well aware that he gets a treat if you invite him, but not if he just
goes through the open door.  He loves “doggy race track time” but look out, because he’ll try to bowl you over from
behind.  He loves ice cubes and will park himself by the freezer until you notice and give him one. And his greatest joy is
in the evisceration of stuffed animals.  

He is learning, as all of our dogs do, to move when you say “excuse me”, and to trade the thing he isn’t supposed to have
for something acceptable.  He will do just about anything for a goodie, coming across that yard at full speed if he sees
your hand going to your pocket.  Oddly, he loves singing and dancing and is never happier than when Mom and Dad are
acting goofy.  He is showing that wonderful Wheaten sense of humor, and gets a gleam in his eye when he decides to
play a joke on you.

Oh, and he decided that his name was Gus.  He did this by not responding to his full name, and he felt we were smart
enough to make the change.  He’s right, he looks like a Gus.

We walk together every day morning and night, and he is an ambassador to the neighborhood.  He has many friends who
don’t know my name but who do know his, and he is watched for by people who come out to say hello.  He has even met
a few dogs with whom he exchanges pleasant greetings and sniffs.

The best part of the day is when Daddy comes home, ‘cause Daddy rocks his world.  He gets hugs and pets before I get
my kiss, but that’s ok too, because Tim had been waiting to come home to a greeting like that since last December and it
feels good to have it back.  We three have found each other and it feels really good.  We thank S’Wheat Rescues for
making it possible.

He wants you to know that he has given up leather.

Tim and Beth Wittig
Copyright 2010 - S'Wheat Rescues. All testimonials, updates and photos become the
property of S'Wheat Rescues after posting.
Adoption #321 - Keely
(Formerly Kia)

I adopted Keely (#321: Kia) in May of 2007.  
I had followed her story from the time she
was brought into rescue and could not take
my mind off her.  She is such a joy.  I have a
male wheaten named Darby.  I was hoping
that they would be play friends but that
didn't work out.  They sleep together, eat
together, ride in the car together and sit in
my lap together but no playing.

Kia has become my snuggle dog.  She has
helped reduce my blood pressure  She
sleeps by my head at night and has to have some snuggle time before we close our eyes.  Keely has never
met a stranger and does the wheaten greetin very well.  She gets along with almost all dogs and has fun at
daycare twice a week.  Keely  is my guard dog.  She lets me know when someone comes near the house but
welcomes anyone who comes in the door.  Keely has brought energy and unconditional love into my house.  I
would not trade either of my "kids" for anything.  I have no regrets and only thankfulness for having my
adopted baby in my life.

Kelly Deare
Darby and Keely
Adoption #155 - Shamie
Adoption #243 - Barney

I have had the good fortune to share my life with several special Wheatens/Wheatables.  Shamie was S'Wheat
Rescue #155. He was an old guy that just needed a place to spend the rest of his life.  In my care, he did live
out the remainder of his life loved and in great care.  He spent his days with a new sister Daisy.  In the short
time with us, he truly showed me the true beauty of the breed and turned my heart into mush.  When he
passed, I was broken.  I would have never known about that sweet boy had I not joined this group and taken
on an active role in participating with everyone.  When the call came saying that his owner had passed, I
looked into his eyes and melted.  I was then in route to Knoxville, Tennessee to bring him home.

Not too much longer, after his passing the call was made again in the groups for a boy needing help in
Florida.  His name was Barney and he was ohh so cute.  I made the decision to apply to foster him.  He had
already been in a foster home that set him up for failure.  It seems he and a cat were left in a room unattended
together for a period of time and he caused harm to the cat and they both destroyed the room in which they
were left.  The rescue was called and told to come get this dog now and then not even given the opportunity
to respond before they dumped him at a vet's office.  Wendy and Kathy were instrumental in working to get
him rescued.  A transport was set up in which I was a part.  I had never worked in a transport before or
fostered a dog so it was all a new experience.  It was during this time that I realized just how many people are
involved with this rescue and how everyone works together to make sure that no harm comes to the dog.  I
quickly discovered that their main priority was the safety and well being of the dog.  I was so impressed with
how detailed the process was and also the intricate details of the transport that were carefully planned.  
Every piece of the puzzle was worked out and executed.  I met Barry in Tallahassee, Florida.  He transported
Barney up to me.  Daisy met him on this trip too and well, the rest is history.  Barney was adoption #243.  I truly
believe that I saved his life.  I have had people tell me that he should have been put down because he is so
hyper with kids, goes into attack mode when they run, hates cats and people on bicycles.  But you know
what?  I don't have kids or cats and I am totally capable of working with him.  Sometimes, you have to cherish
what you have been given.

I am so grateful to S'Wheat Rescues for Shammie and Barney.  I was so grateful that I had to join the team.  It
has been 5 of the greatest most forfilling years of my life being a part of helping these wonderful furbabies
get the happy endings they so deserve.  S'Wheat Rescues is by far the greatest Wheaten Rescue in the
country and I am so honored to be a member of this awesome organization.

Katina Eloff
Adoption #223 - Milo (formerly Gir)

We adopted our Milo (the former Gir) in October of 2005.  His former owner
said they could not handle his going to the bathroom in the house.  They also
said that they were gone 6 out of 7 days of the week.  We were a little
apprehensive of adopting him, the not knowing what you are getting before
you get it seems similar to having a leap of faith.

We took the leap, and have been more than rewarded.  Once Milo got
acclimated, he has proven to be an affectionate, comincal, and wonderful dog.
You could tell that he had been kept in a garage, cuz that is always where he
is always headed.  Milo sleeps with us or the kids everynite, he has learned
not to hog the bed!  He does not have accidents in the house, and is the
sweetest, funniest clown.  Great disposition, a real sweet boy.  He plays nicely
with our other dogs, and guest dogs.

If you could have seen him when we got him, he was a big matted smelly mess,
you knew that he had been totally left on his own in every way.  Milo gets groomed about every 5 or 6 weeks,
and he is great with that too, the groomer says he is good for her, and doesn't mind the grooming, even
though he hates getting his feet wet in the rain!   Another good thing about wheatens is - even if you have to
shave them down, their fur comes back beautifully.  He has a gorgeous red coat.

All this dog wanted was a little attention, once he got it, there were no problems.  I also think that two
wheatens are better than one, they thrive on each other, almost like they know that they are meant to be
together.  Milo and our other dog Roxy are great companions.    I heartily recommend adopting a wheaten if
you have some time and some love.  They are great dogs, and we will do it again when the time comes down
the road.

Susan and Ned Glover
Adoption #422 - Ryder (formerly Rory)

It all started with an email from Wendy asking if we could drive 2.5
hours north of our house and pick up a puppymill rescue from
another rescue group. Of course my husband and I said sure, I am
part of the S'Wheat Rescues adoption team and have placed
puppymill dogs before but had never met one. As we were driving
up to get this dog we repeated multiple times that we were only
going to foster, we already had 3 female dogs and we surely had no
need for a fourth dog at our house!! We got to the meeting point and
walked in to see this dog with hair down to the ground and toenails
five times longer than they should be! Not to mention a smell that
was overwhelming to say the least! We got him safely in his crate and loaded up and started the long drive
home, we had to keep the windows down the whole time due to the smell. As soon as we got home it was time
for a haircut, nail trim and bath!! Under all that hair we found a handsome boy! And immediately his personality
began to show, he tried to play in the house with the other dogs but he wasn't really sure how, and definetly
didn't know what to think of my husband and I. Then it was time to go down the stairs-he had no idea what
those were and toppled head over heels down the last few! Out to the grass, but he had never seen grass
before, as he picked his feet up like he was walking on hot coals. To make a very long story short 24 hrs after
we had him we were calling Wendy telling her that we couldn't let this little guy leave and he must stay with us
forever. I believe we called ourselves foster failures, since we couldn't give him up!! Ryder has become the
perfect addition and completion to our doggy family, he is the jokester and the biggest lover of all of our dogs
and even likes to be carried with his arms around your neck and being held on our hip! He has come so far
and absolutely loves all people and dogs. To think that this sweet and wonderful dog could have spent a life
in puppymill hell brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about it, and we will never be able to thank S'Wheat
Rescues enough for allowing us to adopt him. Since then we now have a passion for fostering puppymill
survivors and to watch them blossom in the same way our Ryder has.

Always greatful, Brian, Amanda, and our doggy pack Cami, Cali, Ryder and Nibbles (I'm not a wheaten but they
love me anyways!!)
Adoption #437 - Emmett

Today is our one year anniversary of adopting Emmett through this wonderful
organization. He has brought great joy to our family and we are certain that he
has inspired our other Wheaten, Lucky,  as they are now best buddies. It's truly
amazing that he has evolved so well  from Mr. Alpha man to a calmer Wheaten
guy if there is such an animal! I would really encourage others to go the
rescue, adoption route if they are seeking a pet. I have tried to steer many
people this year to the organization to seek their pet .

I want to thank you all for your efforts to give these dogs better lifes. In honor
of Emmett's  anniversary I will be sending  a contribution check  to the
organization to be used as needed.

Thank you again.  
Dr. Marlene S. Kamm
Adoption #532 - Daisy Doo (Formerly Lucy Lew)

From the bottom of our over filled hearts can we say a
BIG THANK YOU….to you and all your assistants for bringing
Daisy Doo to us. She is a real character and has taken over
our sofa, our camera and our lives. We love it!!!!!

Here at the Woodstocker Inn she is meeting clients and
licking them (and getting mentions on TripAdvisor!) and the
result of her wonderful stumpy tail wagging way, she is
often brought treats and even presents.

She has made our little house a home again. We hope that in 2010 your requests will not be as overstretched
as they were in 2009, and you really do make a difference to so many lives. Thank you!

May your nose always be wet from the licks….

Kind regards, D3
Adoption #590 - Reilly (Formerly Scruffy)

We just adore her, and I know I’ve told you this many times before, but
we are so grateful to you and S’Wheat Rescues for enabling Reilly to
join our (very smitten) family.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a Terrific 2010, The Godfrey Family
Adoption #590 - Wyatt (Formerly Samson)

I thought that I would share this video with you.  I rescued Wyatt
(formally Samson) in February of 07.  He has been a bit of a
challenge, but I cannot imagine my life without him.  He is the
biggest cuddler that you would ever know, and from this video, a
bit of an Eskimo dog.

Erin O'Connor
Adoption #16 - Bailey (Formerly Crystal)

As I am sure you will never forget, you rescued my precious baby
in 2001 in a terrible ice storm. I adopted Crystal of the "Frozen
Puppies", and was thinking about you and the team at Gladstone
Animal Clinic the other day. I thought you may like a update of how
she is. You might remember that I renamed her Bailey when I got
her. She is a little over 9 years old now, and is the love of my life;
she does everything with me. She still has some trouble with her
back foot where she had the toes removed, but gets along very
well. It only bothers her in the cold, but refuses to keep a bootie
on. She has 1 sister and 1 brother that she left behind when she moved from KC to St. Louis with me,
however she has a little Border Terrior as a sister now and gets to see the others monthly when we go home
to visit. She is about as spoiled as can be. I felt so sorry for her after I got her that I carried her around
everywhere until she got too big, you can imagine how much she thinks she is a princess now. Haha. She
loves to play outside with the little dog, and loves going to the park and watching for squirrels.
I could never thank you enough for your dedication to go back that day and find those puppies. Bailey is my
kid and my best friend. I will be lost when she gets to the end of her road, but I want you to know how much
happiness and love she has brought to not only me but my family also.

Thanks again!

Desiree and Bailey Koepke
If you aren't familiare with the
Frozen Puppies Story you can
read about it
Adoption #564 - Boone

I felt compelled to write and give you an update on Boone. This
dog is absolutely wonderful. Since training, I have him walking
on a loose leach, healing, sit, stay, clock work. He no
longer jumps up - well sometimes but the behavior is quickly
corrected. He still goes a little ballistic when he sees another
dog when walking - he seems to be aggressive, stressed when
on a leash around other dogs.

But, several times now, and now on a regular basis I have him
visit a neighbor who has a chow (female) and two labs (male) and
all he does is play, play play...

He is a big hit with everyone and he is always getting invites to
come over for play dates. He’s a happy boy and loving life. And
I’m very proud of him.

Thanks for getting him to me.

Rich and Boone in AZ
Adoption #558 - Seamus (Formerly Scooter)

I thought I would just send a photo of my Seamus to say "Hi!" and
to let you see how we are doing. He is a sweet and handsome boy
and is such a joy.  Thank you for all the work you do to change the
lives of these poor dogs.  And thank you for saving my Seamus
from the puppy mill.

Rosemary Eagan
Adoption #562 - Cocoa (Sammy Whammy) Bean

Next week will mark one year since the adoption of Cocoa (Sammy Whammy)
Bean.  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy her antics everyday and what
a wonderful impact this organization has on dogs and people.  She bounced
into my life with a resounding hello and hasn’t stopped teaching me about
unconditional love.  She’s such a smart dog with homemade biscuits in hand,
she will whirl like only a Wheaten can.  Not to mention our walks where she
puffs up her tail and hold her head high, compliments abound about how cute
she is...and proud.  I would really encourage those considering a Wheaten to
pick up one of the pups on the adoption page, they will bring you smiles for
years to come.  As she’s about to turn three years old next month, I can’t wait
to see what adventures we will share.

Thank you again,  Joy and Sammy Whammy Wheaten
Adoption #438 - Pyper

She is doing great and has come such a
long way. She is no longer shy and timid,
she has truly bloomed. We take her with
us where ever we can and she loves to go
on vacation. We have completed Agility
Training and she picked it up immediately.
She has completed her “Good Citizen”
certification and is working on becoming a
therapy dog. Thank you for bringing her
into our lives.

Shannon & Smith Kinney
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