Wendy Wheaton Cusick

is a  female Wheatable.
est DOB is 3/4/18

osie was a stray who ended up in a
animal shelter. The shelter contacted us
and asked us to find her a home

ome info from Rosie's foster home:

"Rosie is incredibly sweet and
energetic. She loves to hang out with my
husband and I and doesn't like to be
apart from us. We had some friends over
the other day and while initially shy, she
got over that quickly and loved the
attention they lavished on her. She is
very much still a puppy - extremely
energetic and sometimes just outright
goofy. Rosie loves to play with my dog
but still needs some doggie socialization
work.  She likes the tennis ball and
squeaky toys but is still working out how
to play. She is mostly house trained but
we are still working on overnights. She
slept quite happily in her crate for the
first couple of nights she was with us,
but has since begun escaping/having
massive fits in the crate. We are afraid
she will injure herself so have shifted
her to a restroom for the time being.
Rosie loves going on walks! She is
young, energetic, and strong! However,
an easy-walk no-pull harness has made a
huge difference in just 24 hours. Rosie
is also incredibly smart - I can almost
see her brain working behind her big
brown eyes at times. She is picking
things up extremely quickly and will
make a great pet for someone willing to
spend a little time training her."

Rosie is spayed and  up to date on shots.

She is located in M
agnolia, AR
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