It is extremely important that anyone interested in adopting a puppy read
these details closely.

Puppies cannot be picked up until the weekend of 7/25/14 or after

Any applications that were made prior to 7/8/14 have been denied
and you will need to reapply.

#1 - Adopters must be willing to travel to Kansas City, MO to adopt and
transport the puppy home by car. They will not be allowed to go by plane.

#2 -  Go to the
Q&A section of the website and carefully read the information
there. All of these rules will apply unless something different is listed below.

#3 - If you feel you meet our adoption requirements, please fill out an
adoption application. The puppies will NOT be placed on a first come, first
served basis. Our goal is to find the best home for each puppy. The adoption
coordinators will screen the apps and contact those that best meet our
adoption requirements and the individual needs of the puppies. We will be
screening multiple homes for each puppy prior to making a placement
decision. NOTE: please be brief in your comments on the application - if you
put in too much info the system will give you an error and your app will not
save into the database. You can give more in depth information to the
adoption coordinators during the interview process.

#4 - A complete screening, including homecheck, will be done prior to any of
the puppies being placed or picked up.

#5 - Puppies will be placed under a special F2A (foster to adopt) contract. A
copy of the puppy foster contract can be downloaded
HERE for more
information. This contract is for informational purposes ONLY. We require
puppies to be desexed at 4 months of age.  In order to be approved to adopt,
your vet will have to sign a statement that they agree to desex the puppy at 4
months of age. The puppies will need to be microchipped at the same time as
being desexed and the Rescue must be listed as the secondary contact as
we require of all adopters.

#6 - There is a $200 credit given on the adoption fee for vet care during the
foster to adopt period. This is to cover all shots, desexing and any other vet
care needed prior to adoption. Adopter is free to choose any vet for vet care.
Any amount over $200 will not be reimbursed. After proof of desexing has
been received a adoption  contract will be issued and the balance of the
adoption fee will be due at that time. The puppies will need a rabies shot at 6
months (not before!) and a parv/distemper booster at 1 year. They will need to
be wormed a couple more time as well. We DO NOT recommend any other
shots being given other than what is listed here. Please be sure to read the
vaccination protocol on the Q&A page.
Puppy Placement Details